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How to Make the Most Out of a Family Road Trip

How to Make the Most Out of a Family Road Trip - Gold Coast

Are you planning a family road trip? This is an exciting way to bring the family together, creating shared memories. At Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane, we love being part of these adventures.

It all starts with the right hire car, but there are many other details that can make a big difference to your next road trip. So, here are four tips for making the most out of a family road trip, from our friendly Brisbane car hire company.

  1. Bring Enough Snacks

There’s nothing like food (or a lack thereof) to affect the mood on a road trip. At Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane, we recommend some indulgent treats like chips and lollies, as well as fruit or muesli bars to balance it out. Because service stations can be a bit pricey, it’s a good idea to pack these ahead of time if you can.

  1. Be Spontaneous

When you’re on a road trip, it’s a great time to explore and be open-minded. While it’s great to have a plan about where you’re going, it’s also fun to allow space for spontaneity. If you like a place, spend longer in it. With the freedom of a cheap hire car, you can easily change your plans if you like.

  1. Make a Playlist

A great playlist can pass the time and help the driver to stay awake. A sing-a-long could be a highlight of your trip – and the songs will likely remind you of your holiday for years to come. At Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane, we recommend downloading your chosen music; don’t rely on Internet streaming services if you’re heading away from the major cities.

  1. Remember to Rest

When you’re planning your family road trip, don’t forget to allow enough time for regular rests. Passengers and the driver alike need to stretch their legs every few hours. You might like to plan your rest stops using a map or your GPS.

At Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane, we offer cheap car hire Brisbane wide. With our service, you can enjoy your family road trip holiday without worrying about unexpected car hire expenses. To learn more, speak to our friendly staff – we’re right near Brisbane Airport.

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