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Budgeting tips for car rental services

When it comes to a holiday or business trip, it makes perfect sense to hire a car; you have instant transport to and from the airport, you can see the sights, including those a little off the beaten track and your time is not dictated by a public transport timetable.

Bring your own car seats

For young babies airlines don’t usually charge for oversized items such as car seats, so you have the option to bring your own. However, car seats are expensive and you can’t always guarantee that they will arrive in-tact, why not talk to the team at Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane, our car seat hire fees are minimal and will save you the hassle of bringing your own.

For international visitors, please note that safety standards vary from country to country, so your car seat might not be compliant with Australian standards.


GPS systems are a great little tool for getting around, however with the advances in smartphone apps you can download Maps and forget about hiring a GPS.

If you are heading to bad reception areas, your app might not be as effective, but if you are staying in the local metropolitan area you should be able to manage with your smartphone.

International visitors especially need to be mindful that Maps chew through data, so unless you have an abundance of data available it might be best and more budget-friendly to hire a GPS.

Shop around

When you look at finding the perfect car rental deal, don’t take the prices you see at face value. Whilst $29 a day might look good, by the time you get to the check-out you might be surprised to find the price has risen dramatically and the budget-friendly car hire you thought you were getting is now quite pricey with some companies.

When you are searching for cheap car rentals in Brisbane, talk to Five Star Car Rental, because the price you see is the price you pay; it includes, insurance, business hour pick-up’s, insurance, levies, and all those added extras that most companies throw on to the final cost. We are committed to providing excellent value for money, so once you compare our prices at checkout you will see we have the cheapest car rentals in Brisbane, and the best.

Forgo car insurance

I can’t even look at this option without cringing; opting to forgo car rental insurance to save money could cost you dearly. At Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane, insurance is built into the price of the car so you don’t have to make the choice between a cheap car rental and fully comprehensive insurance, with an everyday low excess.

The answer is – Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane

When you are looking to budget when it comes to car rental costs there’s only one answer – Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane.

Call our friendly team and discover just how cheap, friendly and well maintained car rentals can be.

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