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Chinese lion dancing at BrisAsia Festival

Bayside Park, 450 Esplanade, Manly, Brisbane
Bring your Kids along to Rocks Riverside Park where they can learn the traditional and custom dance in Chinese culture, in which performers imitator a lion’s movements in a lion costume
When performed correctly the dance is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to wherever the dance is performed. Performers are usually members of a Kung Fu school. It is most often seen during the celebration of the Chinese New Year but can be performed anytime, anywhere, and can be used to celebrate anything from a restaurant opening to a birthday. Come along to this fun, interactive workshop to learn the moves of a traditional lion dance and celebrate Chinese New Year. . Each session is 40 minutes long and all ages are welcome. Just remember to bring water, comfortable clothing and flat shoes experience. Family, Toddler, School Age, Teenage and all age’s people come and join this lion dance. It is free of cost. The event start is 6 Feb 2016 at time: 9am – 9:40am
Part of Brisbane City Council’s BrisAsia Festival, Art Bites is a pool of free workshops and events activities exploring a range of Asian arts and culture. Art Bites will teach you everything from manga sketch to Bollywood dancing. If you’re under 16, you’ll also need to be escorted by a responsible adult.

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