Choosing the right Car Hire Company

Airport and hotel pickup

A great value added service that any good Brisbane airport car hire company offers is pick up and drop off from the airport or your hotel.  If you are holidaying in Brisbane, you may find it difficult to get the car rental company’s depot, so choose a company that can pick you up from the airport or your accommodation to give you the hire car.  Then they should also be able to drop you back when you are finished with the car.  You may not think this is an important service now, but you will be grateful of it when you don’t have to pay expensive taxi fares or wait around for buses.

Low insurance excess

All Brisbane car rental companies have different insurance policies but you are best off going with a company that has a low excess – preferably under $1,000. This means that if you damage the rental car, it won’t cost you too much for repairs.  Many companies have a very high excess and often customers sign up without realizing this and are forced to pay multiple thousands of dollars if they damage the car.  Be sure to check the car rental insurance policy before you sign up.

Here at Five Star Car Rentals all our vehicles have full comprehensive insurance (covered for single and multi-vehicle accidents and theft) and our excess is only $750 for drivers aged 25 – 75.

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