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Daisy Hill Koala Center Brisbane

The Daisy Hill Koala Center was built in 1995 by the Queensland Government as a enthusiastic koala education capability. General renovations took place in 2009, which wide the outdoor koala inserts to make them bigger, and some interactive presentations were fit. This center is Located about 25km southeast of the city, this center has informative spectacles and a number of fat and happy-looking koalas, but it’s no zoo. The area is an important koala haunt and part of a 435-hectare management park. The center is designed to familiarize for the people who visit with koalas.At the Koala Center, visitors can also see koalas close up. The koalas on display are wild animals and may have been took in because they were bereaved or injured. The aim is to issue these koalas back into the wild, so you will not be allowable to cuddle or touch the koalas (although you can take photos of them). If you want to hold a koala for a snapshot, you will need to go to another reservation such as Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.

There are also lovely picnic and bush walking place and other thing is this there is many opportunities to see bird life and other furry natives.

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