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Why a driving Holiday is a Great Idea

Why a driving Holiday is a Great Idea - Gold Coast

Whether you’re looking for a romantic break, some quiet space, or a fun family holiday, a road trip is a wonderful option. At our Brisbane car hire company, we provide car hire. We’ve met plenty of happy holidaymakers.

A cheap car rental is a great way to kick off your holiday. Here are five reasons – but we’re sure that our hire car customers could think of many more!

  1. You Are in Control of Your Budget

With Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane, you can start your holiday off knowing exactly how much you’ll spend on your car rental. Then, it’s easy to budget for your food and stopovers. With a driving holiday, there aren’t too many risks of unexpected expenses if you pack your camping equipment or research B&B’s along the way, so you can focus on enjoying your time away.


  1. You Can Stay As Long As You Like

When you start your holiday by renting a car in Brisbane, you can take your time at the places you stop along the way. If a particular town charms you, you can stay an extra night. With no flights, trains or buses to catch, you’re free to set your own itinerary.


  1. Plenty of Quality Time

We’ve all seen movies about the fun of road trips. A driving holiday is a great way to experience this adventure for yourself, enjoying some fantastic quality time with your friends, your family, your hire car, and the great open road!


  1. Explore Australia

A driving holiday brings you closer to our wide, varied country. From the winding roads of the country to the buzzing grids of our city, a campervan holiday gives you the chance to really experience Australia.


  1. Experience Nature

Compared to staying in a hotel, camping on a driving holiday brings you closer to nature. This is a great way to unwind and enjoy your holiday, so that you can return to ordinary life feeling refreshed, buzzing, and ready to book your next trip!

Five Star Car Rentals is a Brisbane car hire company, providing rental cars in Brisbane and beyond. When you rent a car with us, we’re honest and transparent, so you know how much your hire car will cost you. That way, you can focus on enjoying your holiday!

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