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Driving Safety for Essential Workers

Driving Safety for Essential Workers - Gold Coast

Essential workers have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic; we hear about the nurses and doctors on the front line, but there are many unsung heroes that have kept the country running, including supermarket workers, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, and many many more.

It is important to stay safe during these times, and if you are still working it is important to protect yourself and/or your family.

At Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane, we have been helping families stay safe with our clean and fully sanitised vehicles. With our low car rental costs and NO HIDDEN FEES, you can get the priceless feeling of peace of mind for a great low price.

Essential Workers, Make Your Commute Safer and More Enjoyable

In the new normal of Covid outbreaks and snap lockdowns, whilst staying home can be challenging mentally for many people, the essential workers still have to go to work; for many people this commute can involve buses, trains, and transfers, and in these uncertain times it can be stressful and scary.

Many people have turned to Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane for a cost-effective solution to get them and their families to work during lockdowns.

Travel in one of our comfortable and reliable vehicles, that is fully sanitised for your safety. Enjoy air conditioning, power steering, reversing cameras and rear sensors, and Apple Carplay or Android Auto, Bluetooth and USB facilities.

If you still need to work during a lockdown, make your commute quicker, easier, more comfortable, and limit exposure and risk to you and your family.

Why not carpool with a few of your work colleagues and share the cost?

Work colleagues that have the same bus or train route could consider a car rental share; share the ride and spilt the cost.

If you want stay safe during the pandemic there are steps you can take to minimise your exposure; talk to the team at Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane and see how we can assist you.

Peace of Mind with Five Star Car Rentals

Peace of mind comes from taking steps to keep you and your family safe, so why not call Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane on 07 5575 5400 and see how affordable one of our car rentals are.

Travel to and from work in comfort and style for less than you might think.

From Five Star Car Rentals and the team, we want to thank all the essential workers for all their efforts throughout the pandemic.

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