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Fly and Drive - Gold Coast

Each year families from all over the country travel to South-East Queensland for holidays. Many of these people decide to pack up the car and drive up here (or down) so they have their own transport when they arrive. Sometimes the reason is also to save some money on airfares.

But is it really worth the long drive and the associated risks with travelling on the roads during peak holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter? Without sounding morbid, a lot of accidents happen during these times.

Keep safe and make life easy. Book a flight well out from your proposed travel time and save some dollars. Arrive here in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast safely and in quick time. When you arrive, hire a car from 5 Star Car Rentals. We have locations all around South-East Queensland, so we’ve got you covered.

Anyone who knows us or has ever used our services before will tell you that if you are thinking of cheap car rental Brisbane, then go see the guys at 5 Star.

Over 4 decades we have built up a formidable reputation for quality car hire at the very best prices. Our focus is on happy customers and we achieve that through looking after our customers. Great cars at the best prices is only part of the deal. We have no hidden fees. What we quote is what you pay. And when you come in and see us for car hire Brisbane, you will experience just how open and friendly a family run car hire company can be.

We are even like your local tourism board and car hire rolled into one. We’ve been in the area for so long that we know the entire South-East incredibly well. Want to know what sights to go and see and how to get there? We can tell you. Where’s a good place to eat or grab a quiet drink? We will point you in the right direction.

For quality car hire Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, make 5 Star Car Rentals your very first choice. Don’t drive here. Fly here and hire a car from us. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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