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Tips for driving with a trailer

For many of us towing a trailer isn’t an everyday occurrence; we usually tow a trailer when we’re moving, picking up furniture that’s too big for our cars, or for ad hoc chores and tasks.

You don’t need a license to tow a trailer, with a bit of practice, common sense and some tips from Five Star Car Rentals you’ll be a pro in no time.

Firstly, do you have a tow ball/bar? Without a tow ball you won’t be able to attach a hire trailer to your car.

When hiring a trailer make sure you work out the best trailer for your needs, whilst your friend might have a trailer you can borrow, it might not be fit for the purpose you have in mind. Ensure the trailer and the proposed contents won’t exceed the weight that your car can haul, you could be looking at costly car repairs if you don’t do your due diligence. Talk to the team at Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane and we can help you choose the right trailer to hire for your vehicle.

Driving with your hire trailer

Adjust your mirrors

Adjust your mirrors to accommodate your new load, ensure you have visibility on the hire trailer.

Practice makes perfect

Before getting on the road, take a little bit of time to get used to your new driving conditions, get a feel for the new weight and how it affects your vehicle.

Extra Weight

When driving on the road it’s important to take into consideration the extra weight that is being towed. Even with its own brakes, a trailer can’t handle a sudden brake well; as your vehicle comes to a grinding halt your trailer may take a little longer and this can cause a jack- knife situation.

Remember that the extra weight that is being pulled as a result of hauling a trailer will change how your vehicle responds in many situations, including uphill and downhill. You need to be mindful of how the load affects your car and adjust your driving technique accordingly, such as lowering your gears going downhill, pulling into the left-hand lane going uphill and leaving a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front – If in doubt, leave double the amount.

Reversing your hire trailer

Whilst you might reverse your hire trailer perfectly one minute, the next you just can’t seem to get it quite right.

The basic principle for reversing a trailer is, that if you reverse your vehicle to the left, your trailer will edge to the right and vice versa.

Ensure you always reverse slowly to avoid any sudden movements and jolting. With some manoeuvring and some trial and error to begin, you will start to get the hang of it, once you’ve mastered reversing a trailer you have earned some serous bragging rights down the pub.

Need to hire a trailer in Brisbane?

A hire trailer is a cost-effective solution for hauling things that might not fit in your vehicle, so call Five Star Car Rentals in Brisbane today for all your trailer hire needs.

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